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HSBC Premier Checking - Get a $750 Welcome Deposit for eligible new
customers who open an HSBC Premier checking account with qualifying
HSBC Advance Checking - Get a $350 Welcome Deposit for eligible new
customers who open an HSBC Advance checking account with qualifying

Deposit Products are offered in the U.S. by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Member
FDIC.  The information, including rates and fees, presented in the review is
accurate as of the date of the review.  Please refer to issuer website and
application for information.

BB&T Bank
BB&T Bank is currently offering new banking customers a $125 cash Bonus
to open a checking account online. Set-up and receive 2 direct deposits of at
least $100 OR make 3 online bill payments of at least $25.
Best Bank Bonus in $100 Free
Cash BBT Bank Promotion Online. Best Bank Deals in Hawaii  Banks in Hawaii with promotions.
Central Pacific Bank
    Central Pacific Bank offers a wide range of bank services such as
    commercial banking, business banking, and personal banking including
    mortgage and loans. Our accounts are insured by the FDIC for up to
    $250,000 per depositor. Earn higher rates like a CD while getting the
    flexibility of a savings account. To qualify, just make a minimum of one
    deposit of $25 or more each month. And if no withdrawals are made during
    the month, you're rewarded with a heroic rate. The Exceptional Savings
    offers maximum interest, maximum liquidity and valuable benefits when
    you maintain a minimum combined balance of $10,000 in Central Pacific
    Bank deposit and loan accounts. Click here for more information about our
    Exceptional Plan.
    Hawaii Bank $100 Cash Bonus Promo Code Charter One Bank $175 Checking Account BONUS
    Chase Bank
    Chase Bank currently has a promotion for a $200 Bonus when you open a
    Total Checking Account Online. To receive Chase Bank’s Bonus Cash,
    deposit $100 within 10 days of opening your new checking account. Chase
    Bank also offers a bonus to refer friends. Banks in Hawaii checking account online offer. Bank
    Deals in Hawaii. Bank Promo Code Hawaii Banks.
Online Checking Account Hawaii
Hawaii National Bank
Hawaii National Bank is a keystone financial institution of Hawaii finance,
providing a wide range of services to small business customers and
individual account holders. Traditional IRA Features: Available to individuals
with earned income for the specific purpose of providing funds for retirement
and reducing the tax burden while still employed. Required minimum varies
according to term and interest rate desired. Contributions (deposits) may be
deductible for the tax year in which they were made. Interest is compounded
daily for the term. Account funds are reported as income when withdrawn.
Possible to contribute to an account for a non-working spouse. The
Traditional Individual Retirement Account, along with other self-directed
retirement accounts under the same name and at the same institution, is
insured up to $250,000.
Hawaii Banks National checking account
PNC Bank
    The best PNC Bank promotional offer in 2016 is $150 Bonus Cash when
    you open and use Virtual Wallet® with Performance Spend. Your new, PNC
    Personal Checking Account offers exclusive perks like unlimited checks,
    interest checking and more—plus a $150 reward with qualifying Direct
    Deposit and one payment via Online Bill Pay.  2013 PNC Bank offer code 2013 Bank
    Promotions, $100 Bank Bonus,  PNC Bank Promo
Hawaii bank promotions 2013
    USAA Bank  
    USAA Bank and American Express, are currently offering an American
    Express Secured Card that lets you choose your credit line up to $5000.
    Your deposit is transferred into a interest-earning 2 year Certificate of
    Deposit. USAA Bank also offers a totally free checking account online with
    Free ATMs nationwide. Use any ATM for free and they'll even refund other
    banks' ATM fees. Best online bank promotions for a free checking account. Best online bank promotions in
    Hawaii for checking accounts. Banks in Hawaii with a $100 Bonus for New Accounts.
    Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo offers Checking accounts plus options for added benefits and
discounts or Plan for the future with savings accounts and CDs. Use your
phone to check account balances, view account history, and transfer money
between accounts.
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